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At LMS, we have developed Loyalty Programs and Customer Relationship Management strategies to generate profitable results for our clients.

About Us

Loyalty Marketing Services (LMS) is the leading and most experienced company in the design, implementation and administration of Loyalty Programs and Solutions in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) covering bothmarketing and computer system applications.
We, at LMS, provide a unique "turnkey" service, by offering complete solutions for the specific needs of our clients, from the development of strategies to their implementation and support. For this reason, we have a team that brings together more than 250 qualified professionals.

• Our Mission at LMS

We create and manage loyalty programs for our clients with the aim of establishing a bond of loyalty with their consumers, employees and distribution channels, giving greater value to their brands, thus promoting a "win-win" relationship.


We offer total solutions for any and all of your company requirements. At LMS, we develop the strategy, we follow each step during our operations, and we offer support when needed. Discover our original turnkey service; it is like no other in the industry.

Our Offices

LMS Mexico (Programas de Lealtad)

LMS Mexico

Corporate Office
Calle Ocotepec No. 221-14
Col. San Jerónimo Lídice,
C.P. 10200, D. F.
Tel. +52 (55) 1085-0800

LMS Colombia (Programas de Fidelizacion)

LMS Colombia

Calle 72, No. 10-07,
oficina 1102,
Bogotá, Colombia.

LMS Argentina (Programas de Fidelizacion)

LMS Argentina

Calle La Pampa 2326,
oficina 409, Belgrano, CABA,
C.P. 1428, Argentina.

LMS Peru (Programas de Fidelizacion)

LMS Peru

Calle Tumbes 282,
Distrito La Perla,
Provincia Const. del
Callao, Lima, Peru.

LMS Ecuador (Programas de Fidelizacion)

LMS Ecuador

Francisco de la Pita
OE7-188, Quito, Ecuador.

LMS USA (Loyalty Programs)


4700 Sheridan St. Suite J,
Hollywood, Fl, 33021,
United States.